Typical Brexit immigration conversation

It has been revealed recently that an overwhelming number of EU migrants in the UK feel unwelcome here after the Brexit vote………..

Well I’m not surprised, I wouldn’t feel welcome here either if I was in their shoes.

Let me describe why I think they feel so unwelcome with a fictional narrative of how I saw, and continue to see, the whole immigration argument.

Picture three people talking, a ‘leaver’, a ‘remainer’ and an EU migrant.
Remainer to leaver –
“So what’s your problem with immigration?”

Leaver –
“I just feel like we should be checking people before they come in to the country to find out who they are. If they’re a rapist or murderer or religious nutjob they shouldn’t be allowed in. There are also many areas in the UK where unmanaged immigration and migration has had a negative impact on jobs and I think managed immigration will help to ensure this doesn’t happen as dramatically in the future.”

Remainer turns to look at the EU migrant –
“Did you hear what he just said??? He hates you, doesn’t want you here. He’s obviously a total racist. You must feel completely unwelcome – I would if I were you. People like him hate people from other countries, he might not have said it outright…..but you know what he’s really thinking don’t you? If I were you I’d want to leave, I don’t know how you could stand to live in a country like this where the people obviously hate you so much.”

…..And that’s the argument. And I’ve checked around, I really have. I’ve tried to find the argument that said “WE WANT TO CLOSE OUR BORDERS COMPLETELY AND NEVER LET ANYONE IN. WE HATE OTHER PEOPLE ESPECIALLY ANYONE WITH MORE MELANIN IN THEIR SKIN TO US!!!”…. And I haven’t found it. Not anywhere???

I don’t know about you but I know where the hatefulness comes from in the narrative I described above. It was pushed by the MSM, many politicians and many individuals on social media and I think they should be ashamed of themselves.

As a human being I feel sad that individuals from the EU feel unwelcome in the UK after Brexit but, like I said at the start of this article, I don’t blame them. The narrative that has been pushed on them has been disgusting.
It pains me to say it but remainers will be overjoyed to hear that EU migrants feel unwelcome……..it’s just the result they were trying to achieve.

15 thoughts on “Typical Brexit immigration conversation

  1. i totally agree, im not against anyone coming to this country,within reason, as long as they will truly benefit and help us grow as a multiracial society, but when you get people like abu hamza, who come here screw as much money out of benefits as they can, YET denounce us and threaten to exterminate us, these type of extremists need to obliterated, i feel so sorry for those peaceful, muslims, africans etc who just want a peaceful life, yet are in fear of being radicalised

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  2. It’s all the Muslim immigrant that has taken over are country with there barbaric ways wanting to change our laws into Sharia law and what is happening to our children,we where alright with the EU until Merkal and her crowd started to dictate to us and bring our country to ruin the same as she has done to her own

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  3. It’s a matter of having too many people overcrowding a small island.Love being cosmopolitan it’s the number of people coming in that count.

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    1. State your case. This is actually spot on. So what’s your problem when we only want to benefit from a correctly implemented immigration policy.

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  4. We have our own terrorists in this country, they are known as liberals. They may not use weapons, but their defence of terrorism is every bit as bad as the killers. They would see this country under Sharia Law, in order to pander to the terrorists. Liberalism and liberals only mandate, is to oppose the will of the British people. The SNP are not nationalists, they are liberals, they, like the liberals, have no policies, whatever the majority of our populations desires, the liberals and SNP will go against it, because they are so devoid of ideas they think there are enough nut-jobs out there who will back them up. Big business in this country, were initially the people to blame for the inflex of so much cheap labour. Tony B’liar, hang your head in shame. The arms dealers in the UK are the people running this country, not Westminster.

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