Two groups of ideological fanatics are destroying the West.

Giordano Bruno was born in 1548 near Naples, Italy. He was a philosopher and also a heretic of the time. He didn’t accept the norm. Among other things he argued that stars were in fact distant suns probably with Earth like planets revolving around them, that the universe was infinite and that the sun, not the earth, was the centre of our solar system.
For contradicting their ideology the Christian Catholic fanatics of the day charged him with heresy and burned him alive at the stake on 17th February 1600.

Now, while Giordano Bruno was an impressive man, a legend even if you will, what does that have to do with what we are seeing in the West today?
In honesty it serves as nothing but a reminder that even today we are still facing a battle between ideological fanatics and free thinkers.
Ideological fanatics structure their reality around an idea.
Free thinkers structure their reality around reality.

Ideological fanatics come in many shapes, sizes and persuasions.
We have TWO separate groups of ideological fanatics in the west today working in destructive symbiosis.
The first is the obvious, a group of Religious Ideological Fanatics that can only be described as a ‘death cult’ who are ‘hanging from the coattails’ of the Religion of Islam. To be honest I’m not too bothered about these nut jobs any more. They have expressly told us their intent and desire which basically boils down to “We’re coming to kill you and we want the West to live under our warped view of the teachings of this religious book – the Koran”.
On a normal day you would think that this wouldn’t actually be too much of a problem for the West to deal with there are lots of nut jobs around the planet. But this isn’t a normal day….

Now let me talk about the second group of ideological fanatics who have taken hold in the West and I don’t think we really talk about them in this way but I think we need to start.
The second group don’t have a name at the moment and they need one. I call them for want of a better name ‘Open Border’ ideological fanatics.
These are the people who are trying to ‘structure reality around an idea’ that everyone else in the world is happy and peaceful. There are no bad people, those people are just misunderstood. Anyone who is considered ‘bad’ will change their ways if they see how peaceful, happy and ‘huggy’ we all are in the West and that will cause them to ‘not’ be bad. And based on this ‘idea’ they then realise the obviousness that there should be no borders and thus no checks on anyone coming into any country anywhere.
Unfortunately there is no way physically to tell these fanatics apart from a rational thinking person, no horns sprouting from their heads, no red fiery burning eyes. But when they open their mouths you’ll know them.
The difficulty of course for these fanatics as with all ideologies is the small matter of reality. Just as the Earth is not the centre of the solar system this planet is not full of inherently good people. Bad people exist. Rapists, Murderers, Religious Extremists and Ideological Extremists who WILL kill murder and maim in the name of their ‘idea’ or ideology.

The problem for these ‘Open Border’ fanatics is that every time we have a Religious Extremist incident be it someone blowing themselves up at a children’s concert, an organised rape gang or someone plowing a lorry into a group of bystanders this shatters their Ideology. These events can’t be accepted for what they are, for in reality, they are examples that there ARE bad people in this world who are happy to come here, abuse our hospitality and injure/kill us.
The ‘Open Border’ fanatics cannot accept that their ideological belief might be flawed and they try to change what these events represent, they call it something else, fob it off as nothing or in the worst cases justify it as “just part of life now”.
And anyone who tries to voice their concerns calling these incidents what they are… well woe betide them, burned at the stake or anything in between to ensure the fanatics ideology is not questioned.

Now, one world with no borders where everyone lives peacefully! Well who wouldn’t want that?? It’s just that the ‘reality’ is that the world isn’t like that at the moment. No matter how much you wish for it, it isn’t. And no amount of bullying, wishful thinking or burying your head in the sand will change that.

In Muslim communities ‘good’ Muslims are too scared to speak up against the Religious fanatics because the Religious fanatics will find them and ‘deal’ with them.
In non-Muslim communities we are becoming scared to speak up against Religious fanatics because ‘Open Border’ fanatics find us, scream abuse, call us ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’ and in many cases become violent or report us to police who act on the information because they themselves are becoming terrified of the fanatics….not the religious fanatics, no, the ‘Open Border’ fanatics.

The police in the recent organised rape gang revelations here in the UK weren’t scared of religious fanatics or the response from local minority groups, no……they were scared of the response and criticism from the ‘Open Border’ fanatics. Children, systematically raped, begged for help, and it wasn’t given. All to maintain the ‘purity’ of an ideology that open unchecked borders are a good thing.

In conclusion I have to say that it is important that we recognise that there are two issues we currently face. Two ideologies working against us and we must stand up to both. One is known, we talk about it daily. The other, call it what you will, seeks to absolutely deny that the first is happening. Which is worse? I’ll let you decide.

I’ll finish with a quote from the great man I began this article talking about Giordano Bruno at his sentencing for heresy:
“I await your sentence with less fear than you pass it. The time will come when all will see what I see.”

15 thoughts on “Two groups of ideological fanatics are destroying the West.

  1. There is nothing about that view with which I disagree. The problem is what as a relatively disorganised population can we do about the ‘open borders fanatics’? Initially, I guess, simply talking about it and thus escalating the issue is a start.

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    1. You’re right, it is hard to know exactly what to do about it. Identifying the problem and creating awareness is a start. We continually talk about religious ideological extremists being the problem but there’s not much point in that anymore, they’re not actually the real problem. Our inaction against them is the problem. On any normal day they would have been dealt with a hundred times over but we’re actively not doing anything.


    1. Yeh, it’s scary stuff. Funnily enough it’s being implemented right in front of us and very few people are brave enough to stand up and say anything…..because the ‘loons’ will get you.


  2. Does anybody realise who is poisoning our children’s minds .
    Professors & universities are hiding behind their student storm troopers under the cloak of holier than thou & blaming the parents for their children’s behaviour .
    SOAS keeps coming to the fore !!

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  3. What you can do as a rational moral human being is OSTRACISE them, the oldest weapon we have and indeed the sam weapon they’ve used to get us here!
    By using words like “Racist/Sexist/whateva-aphobe” they are in a psychological sense OSTRACISING US.

    Historically and biologically OSTRACISM = Gene Death…

    And what do any Genes plant or Animal want to do. ..?

    Reproduce themselves that’s what.

    Which is why the act is so powerful!

    Now, the power of the State is in fact HORIZONTAL it’s (using the above mentioned mechanism) reinforced by the people around us..
    Which means people of good values etc only have 1 avenue to fight back…
    I’m sorry but… it’s the people around you who enable the open borders crew, either by their silence or their willingness to ignorantly use OSTRACISM because that’s what they fear.. from the same open borders crew..

    We don’t, because we understand that our Gene Death is the conclusion of the Open borders philosophy.

    So i suggest after a period (say 6 months.. but no longer than a year)
    If the people around you will not listen to reason.. YOU MUST explain why and then OSTRACISE.

    It’s hard it’s painful… especially as it will include family 😦 but then so is your Gene Death and losing everything you may have lived for!
    And the great things those winners before us built!
    If you are of good standing and rock solidly stationed in your position… many will come around prefering NOT TO be Ostracised BY YOU..and you will have converted an ignorant leftist enabler..if are gonna be better off without them if the open borders crew get their way.. can’t be trusted now..can’t be trusted when SHTF.

    You know I’m right… you can feel it (to sound like a leftie) and our feelings (aka our “Amygdala” have been developing for 3.5bn years! Far longer than Humans have even existed!

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    1. The fundamental issue with leftists…
      Under developed “Amygdala” leading to a.
      1. Low sense of threat awareness.
      2. Low ingroup loyalty
      3. Incorrect “fight or flight” responses to external threats.

      This has been done through both the education system and mass media.

      Question. How do you make a persons Amygdala suffer Atrophy?

      A. Either, Feed them false information from a young age.
      Or. . Feed them soap operas nightly throughout their lives!

      Feedback sincerely appreciated.

      Good luck everyone

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      1. Good points you have made. There are many influencing factors contributing to the problems in the West today.
        I liken what you are saying to the younger generation today being like a ‘child raised in a bubble’ – no resistance to infection. No physical strength to fight off physical attack. No mental strength gained from having to listen to different ideas and form their own opinions.
        And thus prone to indoctrination AND intimidation.


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