Three judges say ‘up yours’ to the country

Last week 3 judges ruled that a parliament that didn’t represent the people on a particular matter still retained its sovereignty on said matter.

Since the dawn of time it has been understood that parliament only gains its sovereignty on the assumption that it represents the sovereign people. If it doesn’t represent the people then, by default, it loses its sovereignty and becomes just a group of random people expressing their own opinion.

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking to the three judges involved in the latest Brexit legal case:
Sir Terence Etherton said “Look, I know parliament voted six to one to have the referendum and effectively gave sovereignty on this matter back to the people. I know MP’s can no longer speak on behalf of their constituents in this matter as they gave up their right to do so by holding a referendum. An MP’s opinion on the referendum now carries no additional weight other than his or her own.
But quite frankly I don’t really care, I voted to remain and so I used any spurious interpretation of the rules that I could to make sure that I won. I don’t like losing and I’ll do anything to make sure I don’t.” He added cheerily “It’s a quality that’s got me far in life.”

Sir Philip Sales looked at me and laughed “Look” he said condescendingly “We returned sovereignty of this issue back to parliament after the idiots gave it away but didn’t like the result. This gives them the power to change the result to what they wanted in the first place……Don’t you want Parliamentary sovereignty???” he added with a mock outraged expression. While laughing and walking away his phone rang and I heard him answer it “Hi Tony…”

Lord Thomas chuckled at his two friends comments and approached me and rested his hand calmly on my shoulder “Look here son” he said “Sometimes judging means taking a balanced view of all the facts and making an impartial informed decision. And other times it means looking for any way to ensure that the outcome you want can be argued favorably so you can decide that way” he laughed ” I’m a remainer, my friends are remainers and all the people I work with and know are remainers…….guess which one I chose?”

*The above is an actual true account of events that happened today, well, my interpretation of them anyway.

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