The War for Europe has begun

I wrote an article recently called ‘The war for the UK has begun’.
Given recent events in Germany following the killing of a German man who tried to help a young girl who was being sexually assaulted by a group of migrants I feel that the article I wrote is equally applicable to the rest of Europe. I have modified and expanded my article a bit further below.

There is a divide forming across the whole of the EU, two distinct groups – regardless of nation.
The first group believes that we should ultimately have ‘open borders’ with no checks on anyone. Criminals and people from cultures with questionable customs and beliefs like FGM, forced marriage or a distinct ‘hatred of the West’ will ultimately change their ways when they live in Europe and see how great it is.
This group understands that there will be a percentage of the local population who will be raped or murdered as a result and they are happy for you and your children to suffer that for the introduction of this ‘open borders’ ideology.
And they see anyone who is not happy for themselves or their family to be raped or murdered in the name of their ideology as a ‘far right racist’.
The proponents of this group are generally in the highest positions of our establishments across the whole of Europe and are in the process of implementing ‘open borders’.

The second group disagrees with the above and generally believe in nation states/active borders. This group is largely comfortable with immigration but believes it should be managed in a sensible and controlled way. Criminals should be refused entry and groups exhibiting negative cultural traits like FGM etc should be closely monitored and the law should be applied where applicable and in many cases they should also be refused entry.
This group understands that the world is an inherently dangerous place but the government should make a reasonable effort to ensure criminals are not coming into the country.

In Europe we are seeing the polarisation of these two groups and, as of today, I only see one eventual outcome – a European civil war.

Here is my modified article:

It’s a sobering thought and one that is hard to admit, yet it is true. We ARE at war.
Men, women and children have been killed on our streets by terrorist groups and unchecked migrants who have been actively imported by our own establishment that has, in turn, been occupied and corrupted by a group of ‘elites’ implementing an open border ideology.

And we cannot bury our heads in the sand any longer hoping that it’s not really happening or that somebody else will come along and fix this for us. Because it’s going to get a lot worse.

We are being attacked Ideologically, Politically and by force.
For the last 40 years the EU and our national establishments have slowly but surely been infiltrated. Our MSM, Politicians and Judges are for the most part fully committed, like ‘ideological zealots’, to the implementation of ‘open borders’ with a complete disregard for the citizens Europe.

The ‘seemingly’ insane decision to actively import Terrorists and unchecked migrants into the EU serves one purpose only.
You would only import a large group of known Terrorists and unchecked migrants and allow them to act with impunity if you want them to do exactly what you would expect them to do.
They have as expected blown people up, run people over, raped women, murdered adults and murdered children. And they have, as expected, created fear and anger in the local population. And this is exactly what the establishment wanted. There is no other possible outcome from what they implemented.
And when that fear and anger against the establishment boils over it will give that same establishment an excuse to fight against you.

Even now the message from our establishment is clear and becoming more sinister. It’s a bizarre but effective narrative that says if you argue against the ‘open border’ ideology and the importing of thousands of Terrorists and unchecked migrants then you’re a Bigot and a Racist.
None of this is true of course. Yet in the current atmosphere of half-truths and untruths even the accusation of either is enough to suggest at least partial guilt and will, for most of us, make us shut our mouths…..or not speak up at all.

In what reality can it be illegal to speak out against the importing of known Terrorists and unchecked migrants? Yet laws recently passed in many EU countries expressly forbid this on the grounds that it is ‘racist’ to do so? Racist??

Very soon I predict that IRA type insurgencies against the EU establishment will begin. The insurgents of course will be fighting against these ‘ideological zealots’ who are pushing this suicidal ideology.

The narrative from those same zealots and MSM however will be that these insurgents are actually bigoted ‘far right racists’ who just ‘hate all migrants’ and they will use this narrative to justify using the Armed Forces and Police to fight against the good people of Europe.

And what’s truly terrifying in all this is that we have little opportunity to defend ourselves or fight back.
Our entire establishment, who we pay taxes to keep us safe, have been infiltrated and are using our own resources against us. Our Police work for them. We are not armed. Our entire social media and any means of communicating are routinely monitored. Any one individual who even hints at the truth is plastered over social media as a ‘racist’ with subsequent loss of employment and death threats etc.

For writing this I can probably expect a visit from the Gestapo.
And why don’t I publicly stand up? Because, like you, I don’t want the backlash. Don’t want to lose my job. Don’t want my face plastered over social media. Don’t want my family harassed. Don’t want death threats against my children.

But then, if what I have said in this article is not true, why should I expect any backlash at all???

13 thoughts on “The War for Europe has begun

  1. A lot of ordinary folks are suffering from fear and trepidation because of our immigration policy. They are wondering why we are admitting thousands of barely civilised immigrants into our country? Our resources can’t stand the strain. Exactly who is responsible for this situation?

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    1. The whole establishment is pushing the ‘no border’ ideology. MSM, Politicians, Judges etc. I prefer Arron Banks solution. Become politicised and join the Conservative party. Then push the politicians you like.

      Failing that we’re fighting on the streets in a few years or less!!


  2. Totally agree but to late. This started nearly 40 years ago with the banning of importation duties on goods being imported.
    This lead to cheaper goods and an exodus of our labour market by moving factories abroad. The NHS was supplied labour through an agency and supplied foreign workers.
    We sold off all our profit making Nationalised Industries.
    We used as an excuse competitive tendering to shut down Public Houses and Breweries.
    Losing masses of tax paying industries, the Public sector keep on retiring at 55 with fantastic lump sum payouts and awesome pensions.
    Business rates and car parking fees have deserted high streets.
    High unemployment has created criminal hotspots .
    The country is on its way to being overun and bankrupted.
    In 25 years you will be able to steal a house crime will be that bad values will be worth nothing and eventually our history will be wiped out.
    Only Trump, Putin and Farage can see this.

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    1. Mostly agreed but I don’t think it’s too late. Although it becomes more and more difficult the longer it goes on. I genuinely think it’ll take a civil war though and I suspect it’s coming. Once a focused group across the continent forms then Europe will change fast.
      The problem is there’s no appetite for a war from anyone, and I don’t blame them!!!


  3. yep you are surely right.We have enough bad people of our own, I suggest that they are being helped to get out of their own place ‘cos they dont wqnt them.either.

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    1. I heard talk of African countries emptying their jails and telling the convicts to take their chances and go to Europe and not come back.


  4. We need someone with a backbone to sort this mess out
    Donald trump may not be everyone’s favourite but he sure is sorting USA out,

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