How did we come to exist? The answer is all around us, you’re looking at it right now.

Cast yourself back two thousand years. You live in a small village of ten or fifteen families. Most of your small population have never ventured further than ten miles away. There are no books and no one knows how to read.

You’re a smart person and knowledgeable in many areas we are not. You can grow crops, cook, build your own house and most importantly you have survived in, what we would consider, an incredibly hostile environment.

Consider everything you would know?

The earth is flat that much is obvious. If it were spherical some people would be upside down, and then how would they stick to the earth? And what a terrible way to live – upside down your whole life?
In fact though, why would you even consider the earth to be spherical? Why not square or triangular? By definition any of those would be stupid ideas!

Consider a discussion about how humans came to be here – remember every night, night after night, no tv, no tablet, no books – just discussion…..and thought.
You would come to an obvious conclusion. If you work any family tree back long enough at some point there had to be just one man and one woman, right? With no other information, that would be the only sensible conclusion to make.
“And how did they get here then?” you would ask.
Although an unanswerable question at the time it was of course answered many thousands of times over in the various religious inventions.

But even two thousand years ago the truth about how humans ‘got here’ was surrounding you if you had been able to see. Your pet dog – two eyes, a nose, two ears, a tongue, a spine, lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys….blood?
Granted you wouldn’t have had the all-encompassing spectrum of all of the animals in the world to look at which most certainly might have encouraged the spark of an idea. But the similes in the animals that were around you were there none the less, in fact, you might even have been petting the answer to your unanswerable question as you asked it.

Now keep that thought with you – two thousand years ago the only sensible conclusion you could come to with the information you had was that human existence had to begin with just one man and one woman!
With new information we know this is incorrect but also we know the ‘evidence’ for evolution was all around us even then – we just didn’t see it. As I said – keep this in mind.

Fast forward to present day and the big questions we all have – How did the universe begin or exist? Does time exist? OR is the beginning of our universe and time just a spec in something bigger and infinitely more unimaginable? Is human consciousness an immortal entity?
Even now when we try to answer these questions we eventually hit the same brick wall we did two thousand years ago when we tried to answer the questions of how humans came to be here.
At some point the molecules, atoms and electrons had to be put here somehow – the gas floating around at the big bang existed somehow, it didn’t just appear out of nowhere did it? And if we take the fact that the entire content of the universe is just energy in one form or another then where did the energy come from? And even if we’re just one of many universes then at some point all the energy in all those universes had to get there? If our consciousness is immortal it had to start somewhere? It all must have come from somewhere somehow – right??

The only sensible idea I think we can postulate at the moment with the information we have is that some ‘thing’ must have ‘put’ the energy there in the first place and in order for the cycle, of ‘the creator must have been created’, to stop there must have been an initial creator/thing that just existed and that’s that??
Just like there MUST have been someone or something who put two humans on the earth and that’s that??

As someone who thinks he’s a freethinker I ask you not to close your mind to the possible answers. The truth is we simply don’t know the answers to these questions….and that’s ok!

Remember the man petting his dog while wandering how humans got here? I think the answers to the questions we are asking are all around us, we see the answers everyday and yet…….we don’t see.

Wonder at the possibilities.

2 thoughts on “How did we come to exist? The answer is all around us, you’re looking at it right now.

  1. Mac……. you inspire me to jot down a few musings from my own collective consciousness…. although not as eloquent as your good self … i try to put finger to keyboard and tap out a few words. BUT in the afterthoughts of what you have put above. I tried everyday in my youth to middle age to fathom the depths of WHY, HOW, WHO or WHAT gave us life and conscious thought, it’s a never ending conundrum…. i asked these questions a lot, and pondered the meaning of life….. now i am a lot older 😉 I rarely even let the idea of thinking about humanity and it’s conception ….religious or otherwise, i just enjoy the every day things of life in my dotage… for me there are less days ahead than have gone before me. so if their is an answer to this amazing question. One day soon i will find (or not) the answer to the endless enigma. Omnia Paratus.

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    1. Hi Gary
      Glad you like the article. I started this blog because I have so many random thoughts and ideas on different things that I wanted to try and keep a record of them. You should do it 🙂 The more you do it the better you get – sort of 🙂


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