The totalitarianism of ‘more’ democracy

‘More democracy’ democracy or ‘choose again’ democracy is not democracy, it’s what a totalitarian dictatorship does to try to give the illusion of democracy.

In my house we practice ‘more democracy’ democracy.
After 6pm I have control of the TV. I tell my little girl that she has the choice of what we can watch, Star Wars or Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
She says Sabrina.
I roll my eyes and say that actually I don’t really want to watch Sabrina, while reminding her that I have the controls.
So I say to her ‘why don’t you ‘choose again”.

She very quickly realizes that the only way we will be watching anything is if she chooses Star Wars, the only answer I would actually accept.
So she reluctantly says ‘Star Wars’.
I reply ‘sure, isn’t it great that you get to choose?’

And strangely my son, who loves Star Wars, is perfectly happy living in this totalitarian regime………..happy that is until my wife has the controls…….

The people pushing for a people’s vote/losers vote/second referendum are playing with fire.

With no evidence whatsoever they have created a narrative in their own heads, borne from their own fear mongering propaganda and opinion pieces, that Brexit is such a catastrophe that it is worth overturning democracy.

MP’s, who ‘hold the controls’ and who will live to regret their stance, are also actively pushing this ‘choose again’ narrative while being perfectly aware of the totalitarian nature of what they are promoting.
While I can behave like a dictator with my kids I certainly wouldn’t be able to with my brother, or my father and I’m not sure our MP’s fully understand their place in this country.

Voting again on the same subject is not and never will be ‘more’ democracy, in fact, it’s the exact opposite

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