The Hags

On the 24th June 2016 their world came crashing down. We cracked their mirror. And, just like in any fairy tale, their reflection that had previously showed a group of beautiful angels now showed reality – a gaggle of hag witches.

The establishment knows something that you don’t. They know that they are in charge. They believe it with every ounce of their being. During their swanky Friday evening get togethers they congratulate themselves that between the Media, Civil Service, Judiciary and Quango’s they have the entire Country well and truly in their collective grasp. No matter the Government they allow policies they agree with to be implemented and policies they disagree with to get wrapped up and forgotten in endless bureaucracy until the next Government takes over. Faceless unaccountable Hags running our society, chink chink.

Dominic Cummings, along with many others, saw them for who they were before the mirror was broken, watch his ‘The Hollow Men’ talk on YouTube –
His entire motivations these last years has been to disrupt, expose and remove this group and their influence, these Hags – these ‘Hollow Men’.

The Brexit vote was only the first part of a multi-stage plan. The Hags hadn’t ever thought that the mirror could be broken, supreme were they in their arrogance.
But Cummings has beaten them, not once, but three times. First in winning the referendum vote against them, second in thwarting their attempts to overturn the referendum and third in orchestrating a huge win for the Conservatives and Boris Johnson in Dec 2019.
We know the Hags are terrified of Cummings, they want their mirror back in full working order, and Cummings is planning to smash it further.

Look at what we have just seen.
At the end of March Cummings wife is starting to get ill. He’s fine. They have a four year old autistic child.
His parents have a spare house in Durham separated from their own, and his sister lives close by.
In his current situation he’s wondering ‘what happens if myself and my wife get really ill?’
Even with a non-autistic four year old child this is a no-brainer.
I won’t bore you with further details as you know them all, but on any sensible level everything Cummings did was well within the guidelines.
Everything Cummings did was exactly what you or I would have done in the same situation.

So what are we really looking at?
You and I know the Hags are out to get him. They’re still so arrogant that they don’t even think they need to be subtle about it.
– Cummings car was not outside the front of his house from the end of March through to the middle of April. The Hags have known this whole time that Cummings was not at his house in London. Why is it only being reported now?
– Three Labour MP’s have, unlike Cummings, actually broken lockdown rules with barely a whisper.
– They know they don’t need any actual evidence of anything untoward because like the rats who follow the Pied Piper the Hags have a large following who can be mindlessly turned on anyone they choose.
– And, most importantly, the Brexit extension decision is coming up and the Hags want the transition extended.

You and I can see it all. The induced hate, the mindless outrage, the virtue-signalling over issues that bear no resemblance to Cummings’ situation.

But they are at least a little bit smart. They knew that Boris might stick by Cummings. Look at what useful idiots like Piers Morgan started pumping out straight away after Boris backed Cummings-
“Why should anyone obey Govt lockdown rules any more?”

It’s the start of the second wave which will come in the following weeks.
The convoluted but powerful lockdown ‘breakdown’ narrative that the Hags are pushing into their rat followers who desperately want to hear the music-
‘Cummings (who didn’t break any rules, not that it matters), didn’t get sacked therefore nobody should follow the rules and if they don’t it’s all Cummings and Boris’s fault’

In the coming weeks you will see focus on every single possible lockdown infringement and each one will be blamed on Boris and Cummings, not the individuals involved – because their actions are a result of what Cummings ‘didn’t’ actually do.

I hope everyone starts to see this for what it is. There’s no concern here for victims of COVID-19. There’s no interest in public safety. If more deaths will help their narrative and ultimately get rid of Cummings the Hags will happily throw you into the river along with anyone and everyone else.
Make no mistake. These Hags will happily see Britain burn, with you in it, if there is a chance it will stop Cummings and fix their mirror.
But remember as well who Cummings is in this post. Cummings is not just Dominic Cummings, he’s you, he’s me, he’s everyone who voted for Brexit, he’s everyone who wants to see the end of this unaccountable gaggle of Hags who run our Country.
And they in turn want us put right back in our place – and they’re starting with Dominic Cummings.