The Great Distraction

It has struck me as strange for a while that after every terrorist attack or ‘issue’ with fringe groups of the Muslim community that the first reaction from the establishment is ‘remember it’s not all MUSLIMS’…….. I keep expecting to see a ‘wink’ on the end.

You know I never thought it was ALL Muslims? I always knew it was a fringe group of Extremists.
Polls will tell you that many Muslims hold this view or that, and in many cases these polls are correct but let’s not forget that ‘most’ Muslims just want to live a good life enjoying their family and friends and growing old in a safe environment…..just like the rest of us.

The establishment however is using a very subtle (or not so subtle you might argue) form of distraction.
The responsibility for the rise of Islamic extremism, each and every terrorist attack and each and every grooming gang rape incident lies solely at the feet of the last few successive governments, our parliament and our entire establishment.
Every single one.
They have the resources, the capability and the knowledge to put in place the policies that could and would have prevented what we are seeing now in the UK and they have deliberately chosen not to.
And bear in mind what this means – It’s not that they didn’t see it happening or that they didn’t know what was going on.
They have deliberately and actively allowed the country to get like this, they have deliberately and actively allowed the rise of Islamic Extremism and what I call ‘extreme cultural behaviours’……… Knowingly and on purpose.

So why do they incessantly harp on with ‘don’t blame all Muslims, don’t blame all Muslims, don’t blame all Muslims’??? Well it’s because that’s precisely what they want you to do. Blame all Muslims.

If our establishment were actually concerned about possible backlash against Muslims after these incidents a more genuine reaction would be to take full responsibility themselves.
The transcript might look something like-

“The responsibility for these attacks and extreme behaviours lies solely at the feet of the government and establishment.
Despite these extremists expressly telling us their intentions we have, over decades, knowingly and freely allowed these groups to come into our country.
We have knowingly and freely allowed them to push their ideology and we have knowingly and freely allowed them to indoctrinate many British Muslims into carrying out some of these atrocities.
We have also knowingly allowed extreme cultural behaviours to flourish.
Furthermore, the MSM has helped to create an environment of fear among the people of Britain by promoting the fake narrative that anyone who speaks against us actively pushing and appeasing Islamic Extremism is in some bizarre way speaking ‘against all MUSLIMS’ and is therefore a racist.
The narrative has worked so well that even our own police are terrified to the point of being completely incapacitated and have thus allowed rape gangs to operate freely, gang raping and murdering children at will.”

This would be a statement that would genuinely lay the blame where it should be. But they don’t want that do they. They WANT the attention on Muslims despite their rhetoric.
What do we hear from the establishment and MSM, time after time, after each incident??
‘Don’t blame all…..MUSLIMS’???? Muslims, Muslims, Muslims????

So what do you call it when the establishment deliberately push a distraction narrative to try to blame a minority group for their own mistakes and incompetence?
Bigotry? Xenophobia? Cowardice?

It’s clear that the responsibility for these attacks lies with the establishment yet they endlessly push the narrative that…… ‘it definitely isn’t the MUSLIMS’…..wink wink.

They are terrified, and rightly so, that we are going to start to focus our anger where the blame really lies, with them. So they continually push the ‘don’t blame all Muslims’ narrative secretly hoping that we will of course ‘blame all Muslims’.

Many on the centre right are speaking out against the government, its inaction and it’s failed policies and the left, enthralled in the MSM fake narrative of racism, rally against what they perceive as an attack ‘on all Muslims’.
Meanwhile the Government and MSM smile on at this ‘Great Deception’ they have managed to get away with.

Darren Osborne killed an innocent Muslim man because he believed MUSLIMS were responsible for various recent atrocities in the UK……..
On one level it is Muslims who are carrying out these acts but they are not the cause.
Our MP’s and MSM are fully responsible for each and every one of these acts, through their inaction, through their appeasement and through their criminal defence of their ‘uncontrolled mass immigration policy’ which they can’t admit has failed…….AND THEY KNOW IT.

Tommy Robinson spends his life highlighting the endless ESTABLISHMENT failures which have allowed the rise of Islamic Extremism in the UK and what do the establishment accuse him of??… guessed it, ‘a racist hatred against ALL…….MUSLIMS’???
How does that narrative even work in any sane way?
Yet they push it and many people believe it.

Muslim rape gangs have operated with impunity around the UK for decades. Had these rape gangs been severely prosecuted at the outset the problem would never have gotten as big as it is today.
Each and every gang rape and murder of a young girl, after the first few that could have been punished and weren’t, lies squarely on the heads of our MP’s and the MSM.

And what will we hear from the establishment regarding  the next terrorist attack when it happens?
‘Don’t blame all MUSLIMS’ I expect.

Well don’t worry MP’s and MSM, I wasn’t planning to.

4 thoughts on “The Great Distraction

  1. Well said. Although I cannot understand why any government would want to encourage extremism ( on both sides) which it IS doing by not stamping down on the evil. What benefit would it give any government to create a situation to promote civil war? I can’t think of one? They could start by stopping the brainwashing of young Muslims in Mosques. And it DOES happen!

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    1. Because it was a mistake, and they need to cover up the mistake, it will also bring about a Totalitarian Society 1984 coming your way Sooon

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      1. 1984 is here already!! They can’t admit that these terrorist attrocities and ‘extreme cultural behaviours’ are a result of ‘mass uncontrolled immigration’, the very ideology they are pushing. So they label anyone who speaks out against it as a Racist. Sad days ahead!


    2. The problem is now almost too big. Over decades they have pushed the idea that ‘open uncontrolled immigration’ is a good thing. If they now turn around and accept these terrorist attacks and gang rapes for what they are which is that they are reasons NOT to have mass uncontrolled immigration then they will have to take full responsibility for this mess….and they definitely don’t want that!!


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