The Dems and the MSM are terrified…

The 2020 US election was stolen. The Democratic Party used targeted vote rigging in key states to swing the vote. You know it. I know it. They know it. And they know that we know.
Those who are accepting of the fraud are happy to keep quiet, such is their sickness. Those who are not accepting are split between two groups. One group want to fight and highlight what has happened, the other group think that the damage to the image of US democracy around the world would be too great if proven, so we should just let it slide.

And how do I know? The reaction from the MSM media and The Democratic Party says it all. They’re absolutely terrified.
Immediately after President Trump won the election in 2016 the Dems and MSM kicked into action. The vote was rigged – any irregularities must be fully investigated. It was the Russians. This illegitimate President must be resisted at all costs. There were endless protests outside the Whitehouse. Celebrities openly called for his beheading. The Dems and the MSM fabricated the Russian dossier and pushed this fabricated narrative for over two years all to try to undermine his position! Here in the UK the BBC dutifully followed suit.
It’s taken out of context, but the Nazi Joseph Goebbels once said ‘Accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty’ – I think the Dems were taking lessons.

Four years on let’s contrast the MSM and Dems message now.
Anyone who questions the result is spitting in the face of Democracy?? Is a tin-hat conspiracy theorist?? Can’t accept Democracy?? Let’s just move on?? Don’t look into irregularities, it helps nothing?? Now that we’ve cheated to win you should just accept it and move on.
This is the message of a guilty group. Anyone interested in Democracy should be absolutely willing to fully investigate irregularities in voting.
You don’t accuse people who have genuine concerns about voting irregularities of being crackpots and ‘Democracy deniers’ unless you have something to hide.
Biden got more votes than Obama?? Biden got 100% of various 100,000 bags of votes delivered in secrecy at 2am in the morning??
The plan all along was to rig this in small quantities in all areas hitting targeted key states more aggressively where needed and when desperate.

The media blackout and hounding of anyone not complying is all the evidence I need. We can all see that something stinks. Why not investigate? The act of investigating shows strength in your Democracy not weakness.

On the BBC Andrew Marr, (one of the men in the UK who has spent the last four years religiously refusing to accept the 2016 US election decision and promoting the Russian conspiracy theory against the American President despite there being no evidence whatsoever) told a UK Politician that to even question the legitimacy of the 2020 result was an affront to Democracy!!! Can you believe it?

But what can President Trump actually do?? The political pressure from the MSM, Dems and those in his Party who don’t want the fraud proved will be immense and they will do everything they can to undermine him. Many of the judges involved will be politically motivated (sound familiar??).

As he’s doing he needs to work from the ground up. Hold his rallies, show the corruption, use the supreme court, miss out the middle men and create a ‘counter pressure’ from within.
I for one hope he sticks to his guns and fights this – we all know they scammed this, it’s just whether it can be proved or not – I know it can.
Our right to vote, and make decisions as a community, is one of our most basic rights and the fraudulent Dems and MSM have just taken that away.

And there’s even more at stake here. Think about this in terms of the the recent populist wins in the West against the globalist corporate elites.
We won with Brexit, we won with President Trump in 2016, we beat the globalist attempts to overturn and nullify Brexit. The only ‘win’ they’ve had in the last five years they had to blatantly cheat to get.
The Dems and the MSM are terrified – they should be.