The Church without God

For the sake of this post let’s just make the statement and agree it’s true that “All Religious texts were simply written by men many thousands of years ago as a multifaceted document to explain the unknown and provide a set of laws for everyone to live by.”

Ok, there it is, I said it. And like I said lets’s just assume that’s true. So what should we do?
Burn down all Religious establishments and disband any Religious organisations and just walk away? Well we could, but should we?
Is there any way that the Church (We’ll say church but I mean all places of Religious worship) could continue to operate? I think there is.
I think we can agree that there are many good moral stories to be found in most Religions and I think we’d all like to talk more about “what does it mean to be good and bad?”
Where people get put off with Religion is the obviously nasty and down right mean stuff – Women are crap, Kill the gays, Kill anyone different etc etc.

We all pretty much agree that these are just horrible ways to behave.

SO what is Religion to do? I think this is the rough statement that needs to be made –

“Look, we know that these text are not the literal word of God or in fact even remotely endorsed by a God/thing. We know they are texts written many centuries ago by men seeking to understand the world and much like governments do today try to control the populations. But, there are many good morals in these texts and we should build on them. To that end we are opening Churches up to discuss all moral behaviours and we’d like the congregations to discuss rights and wrongs, good’s and bad’s on their own merits and as a community decide between us how we should behave.
We should also be discussing ALL the different ideas on how the universe and subsequently humans came to exist. We’ll invite speakers to discuss Time, The big bang, What was before the Big Bang? and any other of the thousands of ideas”

Quite frankly we need an organisation like Christianity, the places to meet are already there, the logistics in place, the employees in place, almost 90% of them all teach good values anyway