Please be intolerant

When did it happen? I’m not sure, but at some point in the last few years I’ve become more and more reluctant to say what I think about anything.
Every time I see or hear about something which I have an opinion on (and I have lots of opinions) I have to check my reaction in my head, is my reaction racist? Not sure, don’t say anything then. Is my reaction bigoted? Not sure, don’t say anything then. Is my reaction going to offend someone anywhere in the world? Not sure, don’t say anything then.

And during these last few years I haven’t quite been able to work out why, what was I actually scared of? What was the underlying driver preventing me from voicing my opinion as I see it?
Well, after a lot of deliberation, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that it all boils down to one basic common factor……… and that is not wanting to be seen as being, ‘intolerant’.

You know the narrative, if you are intolerant of even one thing in the world, no matter what it is,  then you are on the whole a nasty, intolerant, racist, xenophobic, homophobic and anythingelseophobic piece of scum. Being ‘infinitely tolerant’=good, being in any way intolerant of anything=evil. It’s polar and that’s it, no balance, no in between. You have to be infinitely tolerant of everything otherwise you are an intolerant person. And like the ‘Knights who say ni’, you don’t want to be called ‘intolerant’ do you??

But what is wrong with being intolerant? Does being intolerant of bad behaviour make me an intolerant person? Of course it does. By definition it does. In that case I’m quite happy to say that I’m an intolerant person.
The reality is we are all intolerant AND tolerant, and we should be quite happy with that. And there is absolutely no need to keep pushing to be ‘infinitely tolerant’ of everything in order to virtue signal to your friends how ‘more’ tolerant of everything you are than they are.

So I put it to you that we should actually be openly intolerant and we should be quite happy to say that we are intolerant.
We should be –
Intolerant of murderers, and we should be proud of that.
Intolerant of rapists, and we should be proud of that.
Intolerant of peadophiles, and we should be proud of that.
Intolerant of ideological fundamentalists (people willing to murder for their ideas), and we should be proud of that.
Intolerant of those who condone the above in the name of ‘infinite tolerance’, and we should be proud of that.

We SHOULD be happy to be intolerant………and we should be proud of that.

Of course in some ways this is half a story, we can’t be ‘intolerant’ of everything but equally we should not be ‘tolerant’ of everything, and I think we’ve gone too far in allowing the narrative of ‘infinite tolerance’ to influence our decisions.
As a community we need to decide what we are tolerant of and what we are intolerant of and I thought we decided that with our laws. Unfortunately, more and more, I see our laws being pushed aside in favour of this ‘infinitely tolerant’ narrative. Even some of our judges, with their decision making, seem to be enthralled to this ‘ideology’?

So please help push the counter narrative. It really is ok to be intolerant and it really is important that we try to stop this ‘ideological falsehood’ that in order to be ‘good’ you have to be ‘infinitely tolerant’. You don’t and you shouldn’t. It is GOOD to be intolerant and stand up to bad behaviours which are prevalent in our society, and you SHOULD be proud of that.

3 thoughts on “Please be intolerant

  1. This article mirrors my thoughts exactly. If I’ve interpreted this article correctly, it’s promoting intolerance of behaviours that harm, physically and mentally, and not direct intolerance at the person, family, group, tribe or country.

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