Open letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr Trump,

First of all I’d like to say congratulations on becoming the President of the United States. It’s a tremendous personal achievement and a great testament to your team and the millions of hard working Americans who voted for you.

I am not from the USA, I’m from the UK. I wanted to write this letter to let you know how things look at the moment from someone on the outside looking in.

When you originally announced that you would run for president I had a wry chuckle at myself. Not because I didn’t like you or because I thought you wouldn’t do a good job but because I knew the ‘establishment’ would never allow it to happen.

We all know the usual drill in the West, we get to pick between establishment approved candidate A or establishment approved candidate B. Plebs like me argue between ourselves over the two options while the ‘establishment’ smiles on regardless.

Only someone in your unique position had the chance to take on this corruption and, hats off to you, you took it on.
I watched in fascination as the ‘establishment’ and left wing media promoted you to get rid of Bernie Sanders and the Republican candidates, and then try to denounce you when the final run off was between yourself and Clinton.

The establishment and media meltdown was funny at first but has lately become worrying – maybe even serious.
I remember the allegations during the elections – Racist? Rapist? Disable-ist? – Of course I took the few seconds it takes nowadays to check these things out and none of them were true in any meaningful sense. All spurious interpretations of mild to non-existent comments or actions. But that’s the establishment for you.

Then came election night. Even from here in the UK I was excited. The polls were against you, the establishment against you, the msm – need I say it, was against you. But then wasn’t this almost exactly the same as Brexit night?
I went to bed hoping you’d done well but expecting that Clinton would win and I expect that’s what almost everyone in the world thought, yourself included? I woke up in the morning and checked my phone…….

Next came a few days of watching the establishment melt down even further and try to work out what it was going to do next. Part of me hoped they might show some maturity and understanding of democracy and accept the result but here’s for hoping.

I don’t know exactly when it popped up, I know Russia had been mentioned during the campaign to some extent but at some point I remember someone, probably on CNN, saying something like “We’ve cried in our little safe space for a few days, chatted among ourselves and our combined ‘genius’ have worked out that we should have won but…..’the Russians must have helped Trump that’s the only explanation’…….Oh and by the way we’ve told the FBI to investigate”.
I remember laughing out loud when I heard that, ‘the FBI isn’t that stupid…………………’

………And so, predictably, the Russian story was revealed for what it was – an outright lie from beginning to end. A lie that has, in the process of unravelling, discredited the FBI potentially beyond repair.

So what was next? As the Russia allegations were shown to be just that…allegations, you could just start to hear the coggs in the depths of the swamp firing up and beginning to churn.
‘What about calling him a Nazi?’
‘Yeh, lets pay some agitators to go to a white supremacist rally and start a fight. If Trump fully condemns the rally we’ll just say we know he’s lying. If he doesn’t condemn it fully enough to our absolute expectation – we’ll call him Nazi hee hee’

Oh my, that’s right, you’re an actual Nazi…….. There were clear hints of this from your campaign speeches. You believe in the unification of Europe, you’re a Socialist, you hate Jews to the point where you want to eradicate them from the face of the Earth and you believe white people are the master race. I remember you clearly stating these things in your speeches! Best to tone down the rhetoric in the future……!!!!

But seriously, as I look at things now, it’s getting dangerous – the ‘swamp’ is active and growing increasingly erratic as they lose their grip on reality.

From the outside in this all looks, for want of a better term, like an attempted ‘slow coup’.
Although all of my perceptions could obviously be over exaggerated by media influence I suspect that what I’m seeing is correct.
With no evidence whatsoever the President of the United States has been labelled a ‘Russian conspirator’, ‘Racist’, ‘Nazi’ and ‘White supremacist’ among other things. Members of your Congress have actually said you should be impeached because of this? And they are using this narrative to push the idea that you are unfit for office. All based on abject lies.
What’s even more bizarre is that from where I am sitting THEY are the ones that look and act like mentalists who are unfit for the office they hold!
Now if it was just some person like me writing an opinion it would be fine but I’m talking about actual members of Congress pushing a narrative they absolutely know is false and cannot be backed up in order to try to remove a President from office!!!
That says something to me.

You promised when you got into office that you would ‘drain the swamp’. I’m not sure if this is happening or if it is just proving impossible – I suspect the latter. If you chose to step down I wouldn’t blame you, the diatribe against you has been utterly disgusting. But I hope you don’t. The people of America voted for you for a reason – because you’re not the establishment, you’re not the swamp.
As an impartial viewer, ok i’m a little bit partial, everything you’ve done so far seems ok to me.
The establishment stance is clearly ‘we didn’t want him, we’ll show the people they got it wrong and next time they’ll definitely only get a choice between the two candidates we choose’.
There’s a sickness in that thinking and the people of America know it.

Anyway, I don’t have much more to say so I’ll finish up with two pieces of advice for what it’s worth.
The FBI should be rooting out the ‘deep state’. You should give them that specific task. I’m sure the people of America would be very interested to see what they come up with. The ‘deep state’ or whatever you want to call it is not American or democratic. It is part of a systemic dictatorship, it is a poison in your country and the vote for you was a clear instruction to get rid of it.

And I know you don’t do this anyway but don’t listen to the ‘wailing nut jobs’, you know who they are. They are mentally unhinged and you should be ensuring that the law is enforced equally on everyone.

So there it is. If you read this then many thanks for taking the time. And if you get the chance to visit the UK please do – the ‘wailing nut jobs’ will be out I’m sure, but they’re always fun to watch.

Best Regards



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