Last night a voice spoke to me in my sleep. It was a voice that filled me with such deep longing and wonder that it could only have been the voice of the ulitimate creator of everything.

It seems like we spoke for hours. It explained to me the meaning of everything and told me how we should live.

It was a truly divine experience and I struggle to recall everything precisely but I will try to map out the basics of what it said –

We should live in harmony with each other treating everyone as we would expect to be treated ourselves.
We should respect the planet as it is the environment we live in and we need it to ensure our continued survival.
We should help the needy if we can.
Anyone who wears glasses is not created the way the ultimate creator wanted and is to be killed.

So there you have it in a nutshell. I think this provides an excellent framework for how we should live. I am currently spreading the word, as soon as I have 10,000 followers this will officially become a Religion of the world.

I appreciate that those who wear glasses may feel a little aggreived but please understand it was not me who said these things, I’m just the messenger.
Now that you know the punishment for wearing glasses do not be offended when we kill you because you know it is what we have to do. We will push for it to become illegal for anyone to wear glasses in public as well. Since you know how we feel about it, wearing glasses will be seen clearly as an act of inciting our followers to be aggresive towards you and thus, you will be deliberately inciting violence and hatred and should be arrested.

Just follow the rules and we’ll all get on splendidly.

A true believer

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