‘No deal’ fear and the ‘dictator’ vote

What we have just seen from Treasona May is nothing short of gob smacking. If she had actually TRIED to screw the country over she couldn’t have done a better job.
And I don’t even think her stance is determined by her belief that ‘no deal’ will be bad for the country. I genuinely now believe that she is just, in fact, a Europhile. A collaborator who has worked with the remain campaign, Blair and the EU to ensure a ‘not really out’ deal in which we can easily put ourselves back into the EU at a later date.

You simply couldn’t do what she’s done by accident. Incompetence can’t account for this.

So what the hell is going on?

Treasona May has succumbed to remainers own fear filled propaganda. Propaganda that has completely failed to have any effect on Brexiteers but has paralysed its originators into apoplectic terror.
The propaganda they now push is that since ‘no deal’ is so obviously disastrous for the country then that option is off the table. The choice now, whether we like it or not, is between a ‘deal’ or remain.

But there is no fact based evidence that ‘no deal’ will be bad for the country. None at all. Different, yes. A change, yes. But ‘bad’, no.
All of the ‘no deal’ propaganda is simply opinion based doom mongering from an elite establishment whose only purpose is to manipulate you into doing what they want.

And the MSM is happily colluding along. I saw just yesterday Tony Blair in an interview where he casually stated that obviously the only options were the deal or remain…..the interviewer didn’t even blink. Such a glaring falsity not even questioned by the MSM.

And here’s the crux. If ‘no deal’ by its very nature is so awful that it means that we must stay in the EU then why didn’t the EU just say on the 25th June after the vote that they didn’t want to do a deal with us under any circumstances?
If ‘no deal’ is SO catastrophic for the country that we obviously must remain in then the EU could have saved us all this time by simply saying they didn’t want a deal.
We could have been back in the EU by teatime on the 25th June 2016.

The reality is that ‘no deal’ Brexit is the only thing you CAN guarantee that people definitely voted for. After article 50 is triggered you have two years to reach a deal. If no deal is reached then you both part ways with ‘no deal’ – that’s the point.
And the EU could have said at any point that they didn’t want a deal – we’d still leave.

And what else are we hearing? The ‘dictator’ vote…..or people’s vote as the dictators like to call it.

The ‘dictator’ vote is just a validation of the totalitarian nature of both UK and EU Europhiles.
In my house I control the tv remote. I tell my kids that they can choose what we watch. If they don’t say something that I want to watch I tell them to ‘choose again’. They work out pretty quickly that if they don’t pick something they know I like then they won’t be watching any tv at all.
In a democracy if I ask them to choose between ‘Star Wars’ and ‘My Little Pony’ and they pick ‘My Little Pony’ then we should watch ‘My Little Pony’.
We never watch ‘My Little Pony’.
Getting them to ‘choose again’ is not ‘more democracy’, it’s less. It’s me being a dictator while trying, unsuccessfully, to give them the illusion of democracy. To make them ‘think’ they are getting a choice.

In conclusion ‘No deal’ is a perfectly valid option, in fact it’s the purest interpretation of the referendum result. No amount of propaganda can take that away. And the original referendum decision MUST be implemented, anything else is the acceptance of an EU/establishment dictatorship and I for one will not stand for that.

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