Nigel Farage is no liar – we know who the liars are

I was watching question time the other night with the excellent Nigel Farage and I was interested to hear yet more nonsensical self-concocted narratives being pushed by some of the increasingly hysterical remainiac panel and audience.
First was that Nigel Farage had lied when he claimed before the referendum that it would be easy to seal a deal with the EU and second that another referendum is democratic since a democratic nation must be able to change its mind.

Of course both of these narratives are a total fabrication worthy of the Nazi Goebbels himself.

Let’s look at the first one, that Nigel Farage (and other Brexiteers) lied when they said that it would be easy to get a deal with the EU.
These remainiacs are seriously suggesting that three years ago, before the referendum, Farage and others were supposed to have predicted –
1. That following the referendum we would have a GE where two thirds of MP’s would illegitimately stand on manifestos they didn’t believe in, defrauding their constituents of their sovereignty, and then work to undermine Brexit and overturn the result.
2. That these same MP’s would work directly with the EU to create an unworkable deal.
3. That Tony Blair would work night and day with the EU to undermine the UK.
4. That Theresa May would use Ollie Robbins, Tony Blair’s ex secretary and member of many Pro-EU groups, to work separately to the Brexit secretary and create a ‘Brexit in name only (BRINO)’ deal.

And because Nigel Farage and other Brexiteer campaigners didn’t forsee this utter corruption when they said that a Brexit deal would be easy THEY are the liars??? You couldn’t make it up!!!

Second, that democracy must be able to change its mind (the so-called ‘choose again’ democracy).
It is true that a democratic nation must be able to change its mind…. but only after implementing the original decision. If we had left the EU there would be no problem with people campaigning to join the EU.
The best analogy I like is one where a dad, holding the controls to the TV, asks his kids what they want to watch, Star Wars or YouTube? The kids answer ‘YouTube’. The dad, not liking YouTube, tells his kids that he really doesn’t want to watch ‘YouTube’ and they should answer again.
The kids, knowing that nothing will go on the TV if they don’t answer the right way reluctantly now reply ‘Star Wars’, to which the dad happily plays the movie – ‘Isn’t democracy great’ he says ‘you got to choose’.
In this situation the dad is behaving like a dictator whilst trying to give his kids the illusion of choice/democracy.

Our 650 MP’s hold the controls, refusing to implement the decision of the referendum and creating fake narratives with which to hold a new one is not ‘more democracy’,  it’s less, it’s an establishment/bureaucratic dictatorship and the absolute opposite of democracy.

This is an ‘elite’ dictatorship refusing to implement the decision, they calculated and created this so called ‘impossible’ situation between the UK and EU establishments on purpose to give themselves the excuse to hold a second referendum – it was no accident.

A good deal ‘was’ always perfectly manageable, our establishment and the EU just didn’t want one.