Nazis have infiltrated Britain

I am writing this in the hope that something can be done. The Nazis rise through Europe has been nothing short of meteoric. Europe is seemingly defenseless against this ideological onslaught. Now the Nazis have turned their attention to us.

When the Nazi invasion of Europe began we took in thousands of German refugees, good people seeking to escape the Nazi regime. Unfortunately many Nazis infiltrated the German refugee groups and now live in Britain in those communities. In hindsight this was clearly orchestrated in advance by the Nazis.
Over the last few years while the Nazi machine has conquered Europe the Nazis living among the British community have slowly spread their sick ideology and have helped to infiltrate our political and media organisations.

We now have many British Nazi sympathisers in our political and media establishment who are continuing to allow refugees from Germany to come here unchecked knowing that there are Nazi soldiers among them. We even have Germans and some radicalised Brits who have left to fight for Nazi Germany and have been allowed to return and live here under the unrealistic pretense of being ‘monitored’.
The Nazi sympathisers who have infiltrated our media and political establishments have determined any discussion about ‘Nazis’ as being offensive to all Germans and thus ‘racist’. The only sensible reason for an obviously warped argument like this is to shut down any discussion on the subject. Most Brits are now too scared to speak out against the Nazi threat from within for fear of being labelled as hateful to all Germans.
And most Germans living in the German communities are too scared to speak out against the Nazis as the Nazis are left to walk unchecked among them.
Young Germans, particularly young males, are fighting an assault for their minds as more and more Brits, in their frustration at the situation, are beginning to see all Germans as potential ‘Nazi’s’ and Nazi’s within the German community seek in turn,  to use this to radicalise these same young men.
Most good Germans who have escaped the Nazi regime would like these Nazi scum weeded out of their community. They cannot understand, having escaped to a Britain free of the Nazis, why Britain is now allowing the same warped Nazi ideology to develop unchecked. They know it is only a matter of time as they’ve been through this process before.

I am writing this to hopefully prevent anyone in the future from making the same mistake. Most Germans are good people who want to live a good life in a free country where their children can grow up safely. But Nazis are among them and they must be identified and prevented from coming in to your country. If not they will use your good will against you and spread their sick ideology.

However all is not lost for us, not yet. Understanding is dawning among the British. Resistance to the Nazi ideology is growing and the level of infiltration is being realised. Strong leaders outside of the establishment are coming to the fore. There is a chance for us if we can act now.

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