European Union – I’m leaving

Why do I want to leave the EU?
Is it immigration? No
Is it the Economy? No
Is it democracy and long term social responsibility? Yes

I have a dream of what Europe should be and at its basic level it’s an updated America, V2.0 if you will. An America where the corporations don’t own the government in what is a virtual Oligarchy hiding behind the name of democracy, where everyone has access to free health care, where inequality is sensibly managed, where public services exist in a meaningful way.

The dream of America as it was meant to be but sadly hasn’t come to pass. That’s my Europe.

But what do I see happening? You can probably guess. I see a drive, driven not by the people, but by the corporations and the elite to turn Europe into a global superstate. Now, is this for the benefit of the people??….Well, for some of them, the Elite and the upper middle class maybe. For the majority of the middle class and the working class, no.

There will be no leveling of the inequalities that exist in society, as in America the divide will increase. There will be no free health service for all, and while you can call it a ‘democracy’ all day long… won’t be.

For now the message from the EU agrees with the Remain camp…….for now. When it doesn’t, there will be no changing it. If you do want change you will be left with a choice between ‘Corporate owned party A’ and ‘Corporate owned party B’.

The remain camp will tell you that Europe is progressive and inclusive. Well I say ‘beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing….’. Look at what it is actually becoming not what you are told it is becoming.

Do I wish Europe was something different than it is and what it is going to be – more and more desperately…. but it isn’t. If you know this deep down but choose to ignore it then so be it. But I know what is right and what is wrong.

The UK will do just fine outside of Europe, will it be different, absolutely. How different? That’s for all of us to decide.

For me the choice is between a democracy, flawed as it is, that I feel I can still have some say in and genuinly effect changes and an American-esque Oligarchical superstate.

Choose the ‘progressive’ route, the ‘inclusive’ route, that includes everyone lucky enough to live in this country and everyone else around the world  – Vote Leave.

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