Can an Atheist believe in God?


To answer that question you have to clarify one important thing every single time you talk about it.

There are over seven billion people on this planet and they each have a different interpretation of what God is. So before anyone can answer the question “Do you believe in God?” You have to ask them “What do you mean by God?”
You see some people use a positive affirmation in the belief of a God as a positive affirmation to the truth of a Religious text. This is a nonsensical argument.

One thing I can state with absolute clarity – No God or entity or thing, either by direct intervention or by some weird telepathic method instructed anyone in the world ever as to how we should live and they then wrote it down.

So let me define what “God” means to me. God is the answer to the unanswerable question…….. How did it ALL begin? – Is it a being? a concept? a reality? an idea? an illusion? a holograph???

Whatever IT is…..that’s God.

And God/the answer, is something I dream about endlessly.

So, am I an Atheist? Yes I am.
Do I believe in God? …….Absolutely I do.


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